I have been an artist for over twenty-five years.  After receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Interior Deisgn at the University of Houston, I worked for Compaq Computer Corporation (now Hewlett-Packard) as a Corporate Facility Planner. My designs were showcased in both the corporate and satellite offices.  My artistic love is not limited to Interior Design, but also creating fine art.

As an artist, my primary focus is on abstract mixed media.  My work is infused with the deep connection between color, structure and line, and the harmony those components inspire.  Each piece is a joyful and spontaneous express of my creative process empowering each piece as an example of beauty, purity and marvelous color harmonies.  Utilzing a transformational approach, the work itself if a unique hybid of painting and sculpture.  As an interior designer, much of my work has been influenced by my design background.

I'm a founding memnber of Illumination Arts Ministry.  Many of my painting and mosaics can be found in private collections in Texas, Lousisiana, and I donate pieces for charitable purposes.  My paintings and mosaics have been showcased in several exhibitions and festivals.  I reside in Seabrook, Texas with my husband Tom, two children Kristen and Austin and my schnauzer, Roddy.